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Have Covid school closures widened the gap between the haves and have nots and, if so, can policy close it again?

Veronica Guerrieri 12 April 2022

In January 2023, the suspension of the EU's Stability and Growth Pact will expire. That means painful fiscal adjustments in countries struggling with the impact of Covid-19. A new proposal has a two-part solution to this problem.

Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln 05 April 2022

On 7 April the 75th EP panel will discuss the long-term economic effects of lost learning due to Covid-19. What do we now know about the impact of closed schools, and what action policymakers can take to help this Covid generation make up for lost time?

For more about the upcoming panel meeting and to register for the online policy session visit: 

Chad Bown 29 March 2022

The US ended the WTO dispute management system in 2019. How can we restore some form of binding dispute settlement, and what are the hurdles that stand in the way?

Read more about the research behind this and download the free DPs:

Bown, C. 2022. 'Trump ended WTO dispute settlement. Trade remedies are needed to fix it.'. CEPR
Bown, C and Keynes, S. 2020. 'Why Trump Shot the Sheriffs: The End of WTO Dispute Settlement 1.0'.CEPR

Rabah Arezki 17 March 2022

Wheat and oil prices were already rising before the Russian invasion, so what might be the effect for people in low-income countries of a war far away, that may have a secondary impact much closer to home?

Part of a series of commentaries on the economic consequences of the conflict in Ukraine.

Sergei Guriev 14 March 2022

Sanctions against Russia continue to multiply. What will their effect be on the Russian state and its people?
Part of a series of commentaries on the economic consequences of the conflict in Ukraine.

Moritz Schularick 08 March 2022

The 24th Geneva report from CEPR contains "cautious and perhaps unexpected optimism" about global debt levels. So should we learn not to fret about debt?

Download the report: Laurence Boone, Joachim Fels, Òscar Jordà, Moritz Schularick, Alan M. Taylor Debt: The Eye of the Storm - Geneva Report 24, 2022 CEPR Press.

Stephen Cecchetti (Brandeis) and Kim Schoenholtz (NYU Stern) discuss the range of financial sanctions being imposed on Russia in the wake of their military action against Ukraine. What are they, will they work and what happens next? Part of a series of commentaries on the economic consequences of the conflict in Ukraine.

What are the economic imperatives and legal hurdles for reform? A new CEPR Policy Insight identifies the fault lines in the EU framework and suggests what can be done economically and legally to repair them.

Read more about this research and download the Policy Insight:
M. Maduro, P. Martin, JC Piris, J. Pisani-Ferry, L. Reichlin, A. Steinbach, B. Weder di Mauro, Revisiting the EU framework: Economic necessities and legal options, CEPR Policy Insight No 114.

Diego Comin 22 February 2022

Which firms were most resilient when Covid-19 devastated their economies? New research highlights the value of investment in digital technologies.

Read more about this research and download the free DP:
Cirera, X, Comin, D, Cruz, M, Lee, K and Torres, J. 2022. 'Technology and Resilience'. CEPR



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