How do I submit an Event?

Why should I list my event on Vox?

If you are organizing a meeting involving economists, Vox has the ideal readership: it reaches an influential audience of professional economists and the interested public - working in government, the private sector, academics and journalism. Vox now ranks 11th among economics and business blogs worldwide. It currently receives over 10,000 unique visitors a day from almost a half million distinct IP addresses; the average number of page views is about 35,000 per day. Vox readership is growing steadily, having tripled since August 2007. Half the readers are in the US with big four European nations accounting for another quarter.

What types of Event can I list on Vox?

You can list Conferences, Workshops, Discussion Meetings or Courses.

Are there any rules for submitting an Event to Vox?

We have kept the rules simple:

  1. you must be a registered user on Vox
  2. the email address on your Vox account must belong to the domain of the institution hosting the event
  3. your event will not be listed automatically; the editors reserve the right not to list your event. If your event does not appear within a couple of days, please email [email protected]
  4. Vox does not generally list for-profit events.

How do I submit my Event?

Submitting your event on Vox is easy.  You submit an event, you first need to set up a Vox account or login.

Once logged in, select the Submit an Event link on any Vox Events page or select Create Content in the left hand menu and then select Event.

Complete the Submit an Event Form

The "Submit an Event" form (shown below) begins by asking you to select the event type.  The available options are Conferences, Workshops, Discussion Meetings or Courses. Select your event type from the drop down list.

Then enter the short title for your event.  This title will appear on the Events home page and will be highlighted in our RSS feed.

In the Event Information box enter a brief overview of your Event.  Again, this will be listed on the Event home page and included in our RSS feed.

 Step 1

The next requirement is to classify your event.  You may list your Event under one or more of the Vox Topics. You can also add your own classifications in the form of a Tag. We use a free-tagging system so you may enter any word or phrase of your choice.  Tags are separated with a comma.

Event Help

You will now need to enter the Start Date (format mm/dd/yyyy). If the Event lasts more than one day you must also enter an End Date.

Event HelpEvent Dates

You can now enter your own URL for the Event, where readers can find more information about the Event. If they click on this URL, your page will open in a new browser window.

You must also enter the name of the Institution responsible for the event.  This is a free text field.

Event Help

If attendance at your Event is by invitation only, you should select No in the Open Attendance box.  Otherwise, select Yes.

Event Help

The Location for your event should be listed as Hosting Institution, City, Country.

Event Help

To complete the Event submission form, please enter the name of the Academic Organizer(s) and a Contact Email Address.

Event Help

Finally, if you wish to ask us any questions or comment on the Events listing facility, please enter then in the "Log Messages" box.  These will be reviewed by the Vox Editor when considering your event for approval.

Once you have completed your entry, select the Preview button.  This gives you a quick look at how your Event appear on the site.

If your listing is correct, click Submit.  Your event will be queued for an Editor to review. It will not be visible to the public until it has been approved by an Editor.



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