Resilience and Ingenuity: Global Innovation Responses to Covid-19

Carsten Fink, Yann Ménière, Andrew A. Toole, Reinhilde Veugelers 13 July 2022





Carsten Fink, Yann Ménière, Andrew A. Toole and Reinhilde Veugelers

Part I: Impact across the world: Much similarity, some divergence

1 How the COVID-19 crisis affected international intellectual property filings
Carsten Fink, Ryan Lamb, Bruno Le Feuvre and Hao Zhou

2 Immunity to the COVID-19 shock? The case of US innovation
Walter G. Park, Andrew A. Toole, Gerard Torres and Richard D. Miller

3 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on trademark activity in Canada
Gray Barski, Alex Lehmann, Diego Santilli and Sean Martineau

4 COVID-19 and the analysis of patent, trademark and industrial design applications in Brazil
Marina Filgueiras Jorge, Sergio M Paulino de Carvalho, Irene von der Weid, Fernando Linhares de Assis, Gustavo Travassos and Vera Pinheiro

5 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on patent activity: Some evidence from patent filings at the European Patent Office
Bettina Reichl and Marc Nicolas

6 The impact of COVID-19 and Singapore’s response
William Kwek, Jia Yi Ho, Wei En Thong, Tan Chor Kiang, Muhammad Bin Rahmat and Benjamin Mak

7 The COVID-19 impact on innovation in China
Can Huang and Yurong Zhang

8 COVID-19: Crisis or opportunity? The case of South Korean innovation
Wonjoon Kim, Daehyun Kim and Taekyun Kim

9 Impacts of COVID-19 on R&D and patenting activities in Japan: Demand shocks, application delay, and patent option value
Isamu Yamauchi, Sadao Nagaoka and Daisuke Miyazaki

10 The COVID-19 impact in Australia
Michael Falk, Haiyang Zhang, Brodie Dobson-Keeffe, Catriona Bruce and Pushpika Wijesinghe

Part II: Responses in the innovation ecosystem

11 Impact of COVID-19 on investments in digital technologies by SMEs in the EU and the US
Julie Delanote, Ilja Rudyk and Désirée Rückert

12 The COVID-19 pandemic and academic research enterprise
Kyle R. Myers

13 The power of attention: Early indications of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the direction of scientific research in the life sciences
Karin Hoisl, Carolin Lerchenmüller, Marc Lerchenmueller and Leo Schmallenbach

14 COVID-19 and clinical trials
Margaret Kyle

15 The new mRNA breakthrough technology for vaccines: A lucky shot?
Reinhilde Veugelers

16 COVID and the US creative economy: Supply, demand, and the hastening of the future
Joel Waldfogel

17 Online consumption behaviour and how infringement levels changed during lockdown
UK Intellectual Property Office

18 The COVID-19 impact on artistic income: Evidence from Germany
Alexander Cuntz and Matthias Sahli

Chief Economist, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Chief Economist, European Patent Office

Chief Economist, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

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